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Q&A Abir Qesheth - Question #12

Question: I am skeptical of your claims and I don't read/understand Hebrew. How I can verify the historical information you claim about Abir?


Answer: As stated previously, there is nothing wrong with skepticism. It is for this reason that we have a web-site with sources provided in Hebrew and Aramaic. We are also aware that to a Jew without the language skills in Hebrew and Aramaic there may be some questions based on various English articles you may have seen.

If you are not able to read/understand our Hebrew site please advise with your rabbi, Hebrew speakers in your community, or Israeli family members. The information on our Hebrew site can be easily reviewed, translated, sourced, and explained by many of the Jews found in any city around the world.

Second, Abir Qesheth is a Jewish system taught only in Israel and the national language of the state of Israel is Hebrew. Hebrew is further the ancestral language of all Jews worldwide so any ancient source about "anything" in Jewish history is going to be in either Hebrew or Aramaic. 


Our student base is Israeli and is either fluent in Hebrew or at the least able to read Hebrew. This means that any of our claims can be verified by our students.

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