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Q&A Abir Qesheth - Question 5

Question: Websites like Bullshido and others claim Abir is simply Kuk Sool Won with a Kippa or make fun of a Abir out right. What is your response to this?

Answer: When looking at sites/forums, like the one you mentioned, and the like which pride themselves on supposedly identifying and making fun of "fake martial arts" one finds a variation of views. Yet, what is common of all of them is that no historical documentation is presented against Abir, no Jewish sources are presented against Abir, and no analysis of proven techniques that supposedly don’t work in the real world are presented.

Adding to that, one person making comments claims that Abir looks like Kung Fu, another person claims it looks like Tao Kwan Do, and another claims it is definitely Kuk Sool Won. Yet, if Abir looks like all of those martial arts does that mean that those systems are also a joke or ineffective? 

To put this claim to rest we present the following video that shows that Abir is not Kuk Sool Won with a kippa.

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