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"This is why our kingdom was lost and our Temple was destroyed and why we were brought to this; for our fathers sinned and are no more because they found many books dealing with these themes of the star gazers, these things being the root of Avodah Zara, as we have made clear in Laws Concerning Idolatry. They erred and were drawn after them, imagining them to be glorious science and to be of great utility. They did not busy themselves with the art of war or with the conquest of lands, but imagined that those studies would help them. Therefore the prophets called them “fools and dolts” (Jer. 4:22). And truly fools they were, “for they walked after confused things that do not profit” (I Sam. 12:21 and Jer. 2:8)."

(Rambam, Letter to the Sages of Marseilles, France) (Translation from A Maimonides Reader by Isadore Twersky, Behrman House Inc. 1989 494 pp. [page 465])

Abir-Qesheth is composed of the traditions maintained by members of the Maatuf-Dohh family which were preserved through traditional Habbani Jewish sports, dances, and father - son training. The system was influenced by Torah and Halakha due to the default familiarity that a Jewish child has with the Mesorah. These methods of teaching still encompasses the system that is taught by the Aluf Abir - Yehoshua Sofer Maatuf-Dohh. 


The techniques taught in Abir were taught to the current Aluf Abir, Mori Yehoshua Sofer, by his grandfather Brihim bin-Hasan Maatuf-Dohh z”l (the former Aluf Abir) and his father Awadh bin Brihim Maatuf-Dohh z”l (the former Abir Roim). Taking his experience in self-defense in the professional sphere the Aluf Abir, Mori Yehoshua Sofer, fused his family's system with the modern concepts of how to teach a fighting style by creating a written syllabus. In short, this is what makes up the Abir-Qesheth system; take a look for yourself.


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