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Questions and Answers - Abir Qesheth

The following Q&A was created to respond to both actual questions and challenges to what is often found in English sites on the internet about Abir Qesheth. Some answers are directed to specific individuals and others are more general in nature.

Note: The more detailed information about Abir can be found on our Hebrew site HERE.

  1. Question: Your site claims that Abir started from Avraham the son of Terah? How was it able to survive for several thousand years?

  2. Question: If Avraham learned how to fight from his father Terah how can one claim that Abir is a Jewish martial art?

  3. Question: If Abir was a system ancient Israeli fighting techniques, who passed it into the modern era?

  4. Question: I have noticed a lot of conflict in regards to Abir-Qesheth being accepted as an authentic martial arts, why is that?

  5. Question: Websites like Bullshido and others claim Abir is simply Kuk Sool Won with a Kippa or make fun of a Abir out right. What is your response to this?

  6. Question: Why haven't I heard of other Jewish communities with a connection to fighting techniques?

  7. Question: How effective is Abir Qesheth in a real fight?

  8. Question: Are your videos full representations of what Abir "training" and "techniques" have to offer?

  9. Question: Is there any other comments you may have about those who talk bad about Abir Qesheth?

  10. Question: Does a person have follow to Torath Mosheh/Judaism in order to train in Abir?

  11. Question: I don't live in Israel. Is there a chance that Abir can be taught outside of Israel?

  12. Question: I am skeptical of your claims and I don't read/understand Hebrew. How I can verify the historical information you claim about Abir?

  13. Question: There are those who say that the techniques presented in your videos are similar to or the same as techniques used in various Asian martial arts. What is your response to this?

  14. Question: I found a video that claims that you have on-line training. What is this and how do I gain access to this?

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