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Q&A Abir Qesheth - Question #9

Question: Is there any other comments you may have about those who talk bad about Abir Qesheth?

Answer: It must be noted that some of the detractors of our mesoreth talk or write as if we are making vidoes about Abir for them to approve of. This is of course not the case. Abir Qesheth is a system which is taught and dependent on Torath Mosheh, something not found in the various systems of martial arts, and it is the reason that Torah is prominently feature on our site and in our classes. It must also be noted the level of verbal violence, and the threats of physical violence, some detractors write from the safety of their home computers is something taught against per ancient and authentic Jewish tradition. Thus, even if Abir did not exist a Torah based Jew would avoid these types of people and the culture of martial arts they represent.

We have no problem with those who are skeptical, in whatever area that skepticism takes roots. In reality, our reliance on Hashem for confronting and the bad of life is something not found in any systems our detractors normally claim to represent. Thus, our ancestors passed on the methods they found useful to protect themselves, their families, and their communities without compromising their Torah based objectives. This is also at odds with the goals set forth by many of those who are found among our critics.

As mentioned before Abir Qesheth, as a system, does not offer any magic spells, death blows, mental tricks, or false expectations of strength as a solution to facing danger. Instead, we hold by the Torah that since the dawn of human history has given our ancestors the ability to confront their fears, train their bodies and minds, and insure the survival of future generations of Jews/Israelis. Just as learning Torah requires training, hard work, and discipline so does honing one's physical skills for any type of activity. What makes Abir different or special is the fact that Torah and Halakha are integral parts of the training process.

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