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Q&A Abir Qesheth - Question #10

Question: Does a person have follow to Judaism in order to train in Abir?


Answer: Throughout the history of Abir in its various forms throughout history there has never been a separation between those who practiced it and the Torah that was given to Am Yisrael at Har Sinai. For our ancestors there was never a concept of Torah being a "religion" as they are commonly called today; our ancestors instead understood the Torah as a "reality" or an ultimate truth. For the Torah based Jew there are concerns of doing the will of Hashem, the Creator of all, in all aspects of their lives and this includes how we deal with conflict. These concerns are also reflected in our choices to separate ourselves from Avodah Zara in its various forms ancient and modern.


Abir training is 100% governed by the Torah and halakha, as brought down by Hazal. Abir-Qesheth is taught from all elements of Yahaduth that have given strength to Am Yisrael and we recognize that the Torah will be the key to our ultimate redemption. It with this understanding that Abir-Qesheth has been taught to those who don't fully hold by the Torah, but not in a way that decreases the requirements of Hashem. Abir is taught by teachers who do do tefillah 3 times a day, wear talit and tefillin, give Tzedaqa, and study Torah/Halakha. This may not seem like a straight answer but in a way it does answer the question if one takes into account all the other information presented on this site.

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