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Q&A Abir Qesheth - Question #11

Question: I don't live in Israel. Is there a chance that Abir can be taught outside of Israel?


Answer: Abir-Qesheth is currently only taught in Israel. As Torah based Israelis, Israel is our homeland and the set-apart land that Hashem promised to our ancestors Avraham, Yitzhaq, and Yaaqov. For thousands of years Am Yisrael have been praying and working towards returning to our homeland so that we could live out the Torah as Hashem commanded. It is our hope to inspire those who are interested in training in Abir, and also living in Israel, to make Aliyah similar to several of our students who moved to Israel, in part, to train in Abir.

Our instructors though are open to the possibility of presenting seminars in locations outside of Israel.

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