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Arguements Against Abir


The Abir association is fully aware of the various views and arguements against the information that had previously been published "on-line" about Abir. It is in this vien that we provide the reader the ability to analyze those who argue against Abir and our sources in support of the masorah of Abir.

The writer of this blog in the past posted numerous posts criticizing the Aluf Abir and the historical validity of the Abir-Qesheth system. Most of his posts are not of any substance since they don't address any specific historical issues required to determine if Am Yisrael had a fighting system/methodology so we have chosen the below are the most relevent posts.


The Friar Yid blogger went as far as to make false claims against an Abir student, Ehav Ever, accusing him of writing comments against Friar Yid in defense of Abir. The truth of the matter is that Ehav did not write the comments yet when shown that Ehav did not write anything about the Friar Yid blogger no correction was made on the part of the Frair Yid blog.

It must also be noted that the Friar Yid blogger also claimed that Abir was basically Kuk Sool Wan, or as some people claimed "Kuk Sool Won with a kippa." This is of course completely false. First, the Kuk Soon Wan association would never allow a former instructor in their system to legally go out and teach a copy of their system, claiming it to be his family tradition and not KSW, without a response to the issue or without legal action towards any awards received while in their system. 


Second, the claiments that state that Abir is Kuk Sool Wan are people who themselves do not train in Kuk Sool Won, or Abir, and have never systematically broken down from A to Z how they are the same. Lastly, we have created a video which visually debunks this claim. The video can be found at our Q&A post HERE

Further, the blogger contradicted himself on his knowledge of the Aluf Abir's background and family history. Compare his claims in the articles below with our Hebrew site's documents in support of Abir HERE and HERE.

Wikipedia Pages

There have been several versions of a Wiki article on Abir; the first in 2005 starting out as a stub. A current Abir student once tried to turn it into an entire article but various people against the idea that Am Yisrael had an ancient fighting system did all that they could to have the article removed from Wikipedia. They succeeded in getting the article changed into an article about the Aluf Abir. Yet, where they claimed that the sources about Abir were not sufficient they allowed unsourced material to exist in the supposed article about the Aluf Abir. Having an article on Wikipedia is no longer relevant now that we have our new web-site in operation but it is interesting to see what the discussion against Abir consisted of.

Large Heading

This article that appeared on the Times of Israel mis-represented several areas of Abir and the writer did not provide any of the the sources he was given by the Aluf Abir including haskamot from rabbis in support of Abir Qesheth. 


See the Times of Israel article HERE and compare its claims, and the debate in the comments section, against our sources provided on our Hebrew page HERE.

Currently, we have found several YouTube videos and a few martial arts forums that try to bad-mouth Abir in various forms. Most of it stems out of the recent movement of trying to finger point at what these particular individuals consider a valid martial art to be. In response to these issues, please see our Q&A page and also our page on whether Abir is a Martial Art

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